Our goal is to create a community of animal lovers, bringing us all together with the common goal to help those in need. We offer many services to facilitate this goal. You can create a fundraiser to raise money for an animal. You can add a wishlist to also receive supplies, such as food, bedding and other much needed necessities. Post adoption notices for animals that need forever homes. If you've lost a pet, you can post a lost pet alert that is geo targeted to local members in your area. You can donate money and supplies to local animals that need your help. Even share and vote for your favorite pet videos. Shop for all your pet needs in our store. A percentage of every purchase made goes towards helping animals in need. So everytime you shop with us, you are helping an animal.
Setting up your fundraiser takes only a few minutes. It's simple and there is no cost. 100 percent of all donations go directly to you. There's no limit on how many animals you can create fundraisers for. We are here to help you every step of the way. Simply sign up and create your profile. You can register as an individual, or an organization such as a shelter or rescue. Simply follow the steps: create a name for your fundraiser, add photos, and tell your animal's story (since animals can't type). You can set a fundraising goal to receive financial donations. You can also create a product wishlist for needed supplies like food, bedding, and other items. Choose from thousands of available products from our store. Caring, generous animal lovers can purchase and ship those items directly to you.
Fundraisers are open ended. This means you can run your fundraiser indefinitely. Even after you reach your goal, you can continue to raise funds for your animal. Situations evolve, so you can adjust your financial goals as needed. You get to keep every donation you receive, regardless of whether or not you reach your stated financial goal.
There is no limit to how many fundraisers you can create. If you have more than one animal in need, you can create a homepage that will feature all of your fundraisers in one place. This is especially effective for organizations, like shelters or rescues. You can share a single link where donors can view all of your needy animals.
A homepage is a dedicated landing page for your organization. You can describe your facility and list all of your fundraisers in one place. It's a convenient way to use one link to share all of your fundraisers in one simple step. It's also a great way to promote the mission of your organization.

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We believe that fur is family. Lets connect deserving animals with loving familes. Post adoption notices for animals in your care that need a forever home.
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