We have an ever growing list of shelters in desperate need of food, bedding, medicine and other essentials. Many of these shelters are volunteer, and rely on donations to operate and continue to save lives. Our shelter and rescue partners can create Fundraisers and receive financial and product donations on our site. But they need even more.

The Fur is Family Fund fills that gap. Everytime you make a purchase in our online store, a percentage of the proceeds goes directly into the fund. Those funds are then used to purchase and ship supplies to our most needy shelters and rescues. Can we help them all? No, but every little bit helps, and together we can make a difference in the lives of animals.

You can choose to donate directly to a Fundraiser and help a specific animal in need. However, you can also shop our store knowing that just the simple act of making a purchase is helping an animal in need. Because of you, perhaps an animal won’t go hungry tonight, because of you they’ll have a clean bed to sleep in.

There is no better feeling than seeing a once scared, malnourished, often abandoned animal receive the food, medical care, shelter and love they need to make a full recovery. Please, help us make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere.